Habitat: A typical, sunny Rocky Mountain forest on the west side of the lake, and a more moist Columbian forest with cedar and hemlock on the east side. We had our daughter with us who was about 8-months-old at the time, so we agreed to hike with them up to the lookout and then hike back down and take a nice stroll around Bear Lake. https://adventureswithtucknae.com/hiking-emerald-lake-rocky-mountain The total hike is 3.6 miles out-and-back and is just as beautiful in winter by snowshoeing in from the Bear Lake Trailhead. Emerald Lake (as of mid-march) was still 100% snow covered and frozen, so if you plan on hiking this time of year, temper your expectations when it comes to photographing the lake itself. Flora & Fauna This hike follows Tyndall Creek up towards its headwaters. Look for riparian vegetation typical of this environment including various willows, mountain alder, and water birch with dark-colored bark. My son and I hung out by the water, skipped rocks and enjoyed the crisp air and beautiful views. Not just for scenery, but also a great place to acclimate to hiking at the mountains if you are planning a few days there. Otherwise, drive to the Park & Ride and take the shuttle. Emerald Lake Trail is truly a perfect hike. Emerald Lake is a small scenic gem set in the majestic scenery of the Rocky Mountains. A short .5-mile trek earns the south shore of the lake, with a short walk to the north shore granting majestic views of 12,713-foot Hallet Peak and the iconic Long's Peak at 14,259 feet. Start at Bear Lake trailhead. It was not until 1882 that Emerald Lake happened to be discovered by mountain guide Tom Wilson when he caught some ridden horses and struck the lake. Emerald lake is a perfect short hike for those of all levels. Parts of the trail along and just north of Emerald Lake were more bushwhack than hike, but after a couple of miles of pushing through damp vegetation we returned to a well-worn trail. Elevation Gain: 650 Feet (198 M) Trail Map Trails. Robert Marie. The hike to Emerald Lake is 1.8 miles. Hike to Emerald Lake. 0:30 [P.D.F] Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks (REV) (Hiking Glacier Waterton Lakes. Its pristine green water glimmered in the sun and the surrounding mountains framed it beautifully. The views are outstanding, and the entire out and back trail is only 3.6 miles with 650 feet of elevation gain. The total elevation gain for this hike is about 900 feet, with the elevation at Emerald Lake just over 10,000 feet above sea level. During the summer months, canoe rentals are available; in the winter, the lake is a popular cross country skiing destination. With its century-old fireplaces and an oak bar salvaged from an 1890's Yukon saloon, there is no shortage of history within these walls. Hike up to Emerald Lake Look out via Flattop Mountain Trail. Majority of the trail is an even path, with jus ... Emerald lake is aptly named. Hiking the Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lake Trail in October. Itinéraire Emerald Lake Hike de Randonnée dans Fall River Estates Subdivision, Colorado (United States). The views just keep getting better and better as you traverse around the water. Continue alongside Dream Lake for another two thirds of a mile for the final push on the hike to Emerald Lake. Hiking around Emerald Lake should be on your list of must-do’s on your next trip to the Canadian Rockies. Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful and varied hiking destinations in Yoho National Park. The trail to Emerald Lake is 3.3 miles roundtrip. Emerald Lake is an absolutely beautiful glacial-fed lake with vibrant turquoise-coloured water located in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park, similar to that at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.. Even if you’re not normally into hikes, this one is worth it. You’ll hike along Emerald Lake and then up an avalanche-scoured glacial bowl ringed by … Don’t get us wrong, the hike to Emerald Lake and many other hikes in the area are beautiful in the summer, and there are hikes that can be done to avoid crowds. The next morning we got up early and moved our camp to Emerald Lake so that we could join up with some friends who were camping there. It's a great place to relax and eat some lunch. Téléchargez la trace GPS et suivez la trace du parcours à partir d'une carte. As the canyon began to narrow we took one last break before digging into the elevation gain for the day. The turquoise colour of the lake in a pristine environment is a stunner! Emerald Lake Trail / Emerald Basin – Similar to the loop trail, but it makes a detour up the Emerald Basin where the lake’s water source originates from glaciers high above. We stopped several times to take photos of the gorgeous mountains, lakes, and trees that were changing colors. Emerald Lake. Difficulty: Easy. Seriously beautiful and where the fairies live. We took this trip back in July of 2015 with our friends who wanted to hike up to the summit of Flattop Mountain. Not only will you see one lake, you’ll see two! From Emerald Lake, turn around and hike back the way you came to the Bear Lake TH. A 5.2 km (3.2 mi) hiking trail circuits the lake, the first half of which is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. The one-hour hike around the lake is one of the simplest but also the most rewarding of Yoho National Park at the same time. Emerald Basin is a moderate hike, taking you on a tour of Yoho’s fantastically varied terrain. You can scramble up some boulders to the left of the lake and get an amazing view of the hike you just accomplished. Popular hikes around Emerald Lake. But, we find the area to be much more peaceful in the winter. Emerald Lake is just as pretty (if not prettier) than Lake Louise, Lake Agnes and Moraine Lake, but it didn’t seem to be crowded with quite so many tourists. You can go right to see Bear Lake or left to start for Emerald Lake. Another lake called Hamilton Lake will treat you as you’re looking up at the summit of Emerald Peak. Playing next. Hike to Emerald Lake. Dream Lake was my favorite but Emerald Lake has a grander view of the rocks and peak. Emerald Lake Circuit hike Map. 6 years ago | 0 view. It turned out to be approx 5.5 km total and was a very easy and pleasant walk. The Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful and varied hiking destinations in the Yoho National Park. This hike is a heavily trafficked 3.5 mile out and back trail. During our stay in Estes Park, Colorado, my brother and I went hiking on the Emerald Lake Trail from the Bear Lake Trailhead. This hike, the most popular in the entire national park, sets off on a well maintained, gently graded trail from Bear Lake Trailhead to first access Nymph Lake. Get ready for some seriously stunning views on your Emerald Lake trail hike! Hands down, it’s one of the BEST VIEWS that I’ve seen of a lake in all my hiking years. Official website for Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho, BC. The approximately one-hour hike around the lake is one of the simplest, but at the same time worthwhile, Yoho National Park. Because the lake is fed by glacier water, which contains a high proportion of rock powder, which gives the lake its extraordinary, intense turquoise-green color. Looking down at Emerald Lake . 4.9 3.5 mi / 650 ft gain Anyone who has been to Rocky Mountain National Park, or any national park for that matter, knows they get CROWDED.